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My Thoughts on the Carbon Tax

The carbon tax has been active in Alberta for a little over six weeks now, so I have had enough time to make an opinion on it. The other day I read an article in the Financial Post about how British Columbia’s carbon tax is no longer revenue neutral after ten years in place. In… Continue reading My Thoughts on the Carbon Tax

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I’d Like to See

I would like to see developed an open-source alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player. The main reason is because Adobe chose to no longer update the Linux version of the Flash Player, and much content on the web relies on the Flash Player. Another reason is that I prefer open-source software on my computer rather than closed-source.

I figure it could be reverse-engineered to be compatible with Adobe’s version, and if I had a company with programmers on staff, I’d assign this as a project to them and then offer the resulting software free to the community. Unfortunately this is not the case so I am posting this today hoping that someone in the community who knows a lot more about programming than I would be willing to spearhead such an endeavor.

I need to let my roommate use the computer for a few minutes, so I’ll wish you all a good day, and if you watching the 2016 Grey Cup today, enjoy the game! Go Calgary! 😉

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I got vaccinated…

I got vaccinated against the seasonal influenza and most people should as well. Why risk fighting the full-blown flu when a simple shot can either stop it entirely or reduce the severity of the symptoms most of the time? Plus if you are immunized against the flu, you cannot spread it as easily to other people.

Here’s a video all about immunization from YouTube:

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Halloween Should Be Abolished

Halloween should be abolished in my personal opinion because it is a holiday based upon fear and superstition, which is not logical in today’s world. Why do we need to subject ourselves and our children to such fear and superstition about a day of the year? We do not. Halloween was founded as All Hallow’s… Continue reading Halloween Should Be Abolished

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Sometimes it’s best…

Sometimes it’s best just to say no. I chose to say no to spending money yesterday because I knew that if I spent even a few dollars of my roommate’s rent payment to me, I’d do that every time and not properly use it for what I had budgeted it for that time. Saying “no” to my desires and self helps me build character (and a bigger bank account 😉 ).

I got to admit that I’ve said “yes” in the past to poor choices where “no” would have been the better decision to make at that time, and I’ve wasted time and usually money as a result. Sometimes the poor choice also resulted in sin for which I had to repent of later, and sometimes I just learned a lesson about spending money more wisely in the future. The most important piece of wisdom I’ve learned from these choices is to take my time when making these decisions whenever I can, so that I can clearly see the pros and cons of each choice before I make a decision I have to live with. Frankly if that’s all you learn from reading this short post, my purpose for writing it today will have been successful. 😉

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I will not conform to this world…

As a disciple of Jesus, I cannot be conformed to this world nor should anyone else who follows Him. The way we can start doing that is by watching what we think. How do we do so? Paul gives us a list of qualities to test our thoughts against in Philippians 4:8:

  • Whatever is true
  • Whatever is noble
  • Whatever is right
  • Whatever is pure
  • Whatever is lovely
  • Whatever is admirable
  • If it is excellent
  • If it is praiseworthy

If a thought goes against any thing on this list of qualities our thoughts should be tested against, we need to get rid of such a thought. Our thoughts control our words and deeds, so if we think about the things God wants us to think about, we will act the way He wants us to act.

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Christianity is more than a religion…

Christianity to me is more than just a religion, but a series of relationships. My primary relationship being with God which I have to maintain after accepting that Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary paved the way for me to become friends with God. It in turn influences how I act in my secondary relationships – to… Continue reading Christianity is more than a religion…