The Fundraising Widget shows…

The new Fundraising Widget here on my blog shows how close I am financially to launching Believe Beloved again. (Of course, I am not opposed to people helping me reach the goal by sending money via Paypal (don’t feel pressured to donate though).) Once I have the money saved up, I will be able to purchase what I have to in order to launch the site as a Christian social network.

I look forward to the day when Believe Beloved is operational again as a social network. Until then, let us stand strong in Jesus, the rock of our salvation.


I Have a Plan for My Business

I have a plan for my business in the future. I’m planning on using mooSocial to create a Christian social network called Believe Beloved. I’m still hashing out all of the details, but I do know I’m planning on using a Canadian web host, and will first save up for the script and the add-ons I want to use for the site.

I think that it will take me at least fifteen months to save up the money I need before I can launch the site, but it’s better I have a complete site up and running when I launch it than a site that is not fully capable of what I want it to be.