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Spring is finally here!

I am so happy that spring is finally here! Finally the majority of the cold weather is behind us and the warm weather is here to stay mostly! Though if you live in Alberta like me, you have probably heard the old saying “Spring doesn’t come in Alberta until after Easter.” With the warm weather we’ve been experiencing the last few days, I’m willing to doubt that. I mean we’re forcasted to get double digit weather above freezing by next Saturday!

I’m looking forward to the ability to wear less clothes, and to be able to enjoy some fresh air without worrying about freezing my fingers and toes off. I’m not looking forward to all the litter I’ll have to pick up or the yard work that will have to be done, but I know that it is part and parcel of springtime. I will just have to take the bad with the good I guess.

Take care folks and enjoy the warmer weather! I know I will! 😉

Personal News

I need to cut back my credit card spending…

I need to cut back my credit card spending, or else I will never get it paid off enough to launch my company. I can see the need for Netflix and for emergencies, but for most of the purchases I’m putting on it the spending is not necessary. I may not like eating sandwiches and other food from home at work and before I go to work, but if I really want to launch my company, I will start doing those things and quit dining out on my card.

If I can resist the urge to buy the newest edition of Monopoly, I can resist the urge to buy other things on my card. Otherwise I may have to wait until March or April when I get my tax return next year to have enough cash to launch my company. I may have to consider leaving the card at home in order to stop spending money on it. Whatever I have to do in order to pay off that debt, I will do. The only things I see myself not doing are stealing or working a second job in order to pay it off as neither of those things are in my character.

I’m going to relax now before I need to get ready for work this afternoon, so take care! 😉

Personal Opinions

Parking Lots are not Garbage Dumps!

I have a message for all shoppers out there: parking lots are not your personal garbage dumping grounds! It is why there are trash cans at each entrance and exit, is it so hard to walk a few feet and use one instead of leaving your trash in a shopping cart or on the ground?

I’m getting very annoyed at having to throw out whole bags full of people’s garbage, McDonald’s Happy Meal® boxes, and other trash that I find in people’s shopping carts after they have left when I go to collect them. If I can take a few seconds to throw out the trash, why can’t the customers do so as well? Next time you go shopping and have some trash, please at least think about this before you leave your trash in your cart when you leave!


Gate 90 will be a Global Directory

Gate 90 will be a social global directory when I launch it early next year. It will have ads and premium listings that can be paid for through Stripe. It will feature places and events and will not have games or groups. BuddyPress will be integrated to provide the social aspects of the directory with a plugin enabling of following other users, and the directory functions (including the payments for premium/featured listings) will be powered through the GeoDirectory plugin (and its addon plugins) for WordPress.

Currently there is no support for myCRED, so that will not be a part of my plans for the site at this moment. However, I did contact the team behind the plugin and it’s premium features to ask them to develop such an integration.

Payment plans for premium/featured listings for both places and events will still follow the price schedule I laid out for premium memberships. Instead of a membership, the time frame will be for an individual listing. Business owners will be able to claim their listings and add franchises as well. I do have to look for icons for the various categories for places and events, but I have nine and a half months at least to find them, so I am in no rush.

Time for me to get ready for work this afternoon and evening so take care! 😉

Personal News

I’m learning to control my impulses…

I’m learning to control my impulses to put purchases on my credit card when I have room on it. If I am to pay off enough of it to launch my company by next January, then I need to avoid putting as much purchases on it as I can. It’s quite tempting to switch Netflix to Paypal so that I’m not putting any payments on it any more, but that’s a minor expenses and is a better option than TV service, which I’m cancelling on November 1st to save even more money.

I know I’ll have another impulse that I’ll have to reject when my credit is over five hundred dollars to purchase the script for Gate 90 Ads, but I know that waiting will be the better way of doing it. It is better to do the rest of the purchases together so that everything runs smoothly and I download the latest versions of the software I’ll be running on my websites. I’ve also rejected the thought of buying domains like or as subdomains should work just fine. If I do run into obstacles, I can always buy the domains in the future (providing no one has bought them before me or my company).

I’m going to take off now as I work from quarter to two until six this evening, so take care! 😉

Personal News

I got rid of my cell phone bill

Earlier this week, I cancelled my cell phone service from PC Mobile. This will save me about fifty dollars each month that I’ve redirected towards paying off my credit card debt. This will allow me to pay off that faster and pay less interest on it. I have also quit spending money on it by not using it for games on my cell phone or snacks through PayRange (which I can’t use without mobile data). The only thing that I have on it is my Netflix subscription, but that will be always paid off since I am paying a minimum of two hundred dollars a month now on my credit card.

Until I see more hours on a regular basis at work, I will not put any rent and utility payments from my roommate onto my credit card and instead use them to pay the rent. At this rate, it will take me another sixteen months to pay off enough debt (unless I use next year’s tax refund or am able to pay off debt faster) to be able to afford to launch Gate 90 Marketing Inc. I was hoping to get the process started next January, but I if I have to wait until July, I could wait until January 2019.

Take care until the next time I post. 😉


I’ve decided on the price structure…

I’ve decided on the price structure for premium memberships at my future company’s social networks. The options will be as follows (all prices in Canadian dollars):

  • 1 Month: $7.50
  • 3 Months: $20.00
  • 1 year: $75.00
  • Lifetime (either the person’s lifetime or the life of the site, which either is first): $1750.00

A premium membership will grant access to both exclusive content (like a badge on their profile and posts) as well as hide the ads that free members and guests will have to put up with. (I’m not planning on a lot of ads either – just header, footer, a sidebar, and/or in posts.) My pricing comes from the consideration of how much ad income the company will not receive over the course of a membership, but also a small discount for being a premium member longer. It also takes into consideration that a premium membership also grants a ten percent discount in the marketplace (where credits, vendor goods, memberships, and event tickets will be sold via WooCommerce).

I hope this post was useful to my readers, both today and in the future. Take care! 😉


Google may no longer support it’s WordPress AdSense plugin…

Google may no longer support its Adsense plugin for WordPress, but it’s not the only plugin out there that can show those types of ads. For example, if you are running a membership site with Paid Members Pro, you can use Easy Adsense and automatically hide the ads from your paid members. This advertising plugin also works with other forms of advertising as well (like the upcoming Gate 90 Ads), so you don’t have to use Google Adsense to use it either.

In fact a search for “ads” (without the quotation marks) at the Plugin Directory revealed over one thousand different plugins focused on ads in one form or another. I’m certain that anyone who currently uses the Google AdSense plugin on their powered website can easily find another one that will work just as well, and still be supported well.

That’s all  I’ve got to say on this topic, so take care! 😉


Purchased the plugins for Gate 90 Jobs

Today, I purchased the premium plugins for the future Gate 90 Jobs website. These plugins will enable the following features:

  • adding job openings to favorites
  • application profiles
  • paying via Paypal for premium features
  • advertising inserts

I decided to buy them today as they were only US$30, and I’ll be paying off an additional three hundred dollars next Monday when I get my tax refund back from the government. It also reduces the items I need to purchase in January, and I may continue to purchase other scripts that the company needs as I have the money for them if it will help out in the long run.

That’s all I’ve got to let you guys and gals know today (I may work on my fanfiction tomorrow, considering starting a HP/PJO story with Harry being a grandson of Triton…) so take care until next time! 😉

Personal Opinions

I enjoy Netflix

I enjoy watching Netflix. There are many different shows to choose from, from single movies to whole seasons of television shows and Netflix originals.

So far I’m enjoying the Netflix original series Ultimate Beastmaster, a thrilling obstacle course set up like a video game featuring competitors (2/country/episode) (and broadcasting teams) from six different countries around the globe:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Complete each obstacle in the first three levels to earn a set number of points (fail to complete an obstacle and your run on the level is over and you don’t get those points for that obstacle), with a fewer number of competitors moving on to each level. The final two get to compete head-to-head on the final obstacle, a climbing wall that’s eighty feet tall and split into four parts, each harder than the part before it! So far, only one competitor has completed the final obstacle, and he is a rock climber from Brazil! I have three more episodes to watch to complete the first season, including the championship that will put the nine Beastmasters (the title you win in a episode alongside $10,000) against each other for the chance to win fifty grand and the title of Ultimate Beastmaster! 😀

I’ve also been enjoying the science documentaries and series as well that Netflix has to offer from The Pyramid Code to Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. I love learning new things, and seeing amazing sights and the shows on Netflix allow me to do so. For just $11.99/month, it’s a lot cheaper than television, which I plan to get rid of on November 1st when my contract with Telus expires (it will also help me pay off my credit card faster by shrinking that bill).

I’ll explain what I have planned to pay off my debt faster next time I post. Until then, stay safe! 😉