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I need to cut back my credit card spending…

I need to cut back my credit card spending, or else I will never get it paid off enough to launch my company. I can see the need for Netflix and for emergencies, but for most of the purchases I’m putting on it the spending is not necessary. I may not like eating sandwiches and other food from home at work and before I go to work, but if I really want to launch my company, I will start doing those things and quit dining out on my card.

If I can resist the urge to buy the newest edition of Monopoly, I can resist the urge to buy other things on my card. Otherwise I may have to wait until March or April when I get my tax return next year to have enough cash to launch my company. I may have to consider leaving the card at home in order to stop spending money on it. Whatever I have to do in order to pay off that debt, I will do. The only things I see myself not doing are stealing or working a second job in order to pay it off as neither of those things are in my character.

I’m going to relax now before I need to get ready for work this afternoon, so take care! 😉