Gate 90 will be a Global Directory

Gate 90 will be a social global directory when I launch it early next year. It will have ads and premium listings that can be paid for through Stripe. It will feature places and events and will not have games or groups. BuddyPress will be integrated to provide the social aspects of the directory with a plugin enabling of following other users, and the directory functions (including the payments for premium/featured listings) will be powered through the GeoDirectory plugin (and its addon plugins) for WordPress.

Currently there is no support for myCRED, so that will not be a part of my plans for the site at this moment. However, I did contact the team behind the plugin and it’s premium features to ask them to develop such an integration.

Payment plans for premium/featured listings for both places and events will still follow the price schedule I laid out for premium memberships. Instead of a membership, the time frame will be for an individual listing. Business owners will be able to claim their listings and add franchises as well. I do have to look for icons for the various categories for places and events, but I have nine and a half months at least to find them, so I am in no rush.

Time for me to get ready for work this afternoon and evening so take care! 😉


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