Personal News

I’m learning to control my impulses…

I’m learning to control my impulses to put purchases on my credit card when I have room on it. If I am to pay off enough of it to launch my company by next January, then I need to avoid putting as much purchases on it as I can. It’s quite tempting to switch Netflix to Paypal so that I’m not putting any payments on it any more, but that’s a minor expenses and is a better option than TV service, which I’m cancelling on November 1st to save even more money.

I know I’ll have another impulse that I’ll have to reject when my credit is over five hundred dollars to purchase the script for Gate 90 Ads, but I know that waiting will be the better way of doing it. It is better to do the rest of the purchases together so that everything runs smoothly and I download the latest versions of the software I’ll be running on my websites. I’ve also rejected the thought of buying domains like or as subdomains should work just fine. If I do run into obstacles, I can always buy the domains in the future (providing no one has bought them before me or my company).

I’m going to take off now as I work from quarter to two until six this evening, so take care! 😉


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