Personal News

I got rid of my cell phone bill

Earlier this week, I cancelled my cell phone service from PC Mobile. This will save me about fifty dollars each month that I’ve redirected towards paying off my credit card debt. This will allow me to pay off that faster and pay less interest on it. I have also quit spending money on it by not using it for games on my cell phone or snacks through PayRange (which I can’t use without mobile data). The only thing that I have on it is my Netflix subscription, but that will be always paid off since I am paying a minimum of two hundred dollars a month now on my credit card.

Until I see more hours on a regular basis at work, I will not put any rent and utility payments from my roommate onto my credit card and instead use them to pay the rent. At this rate, it will take me another sixteen months to pay off enough debt (unless I use next year’s tax refund or am able to pay off debt faster) to be able to afford to launch Gate 90 Marketing Inc. I was hoping to get the process started next January, but I if I have to wait until July, I could wait until January 2019.

Take care until the next time I post. 😉