Google may no longer support it’s WordPress AdSense plugin…

Google may no longer support its Adsense plugin for WordPress, but it’s not the only plugin out there that can show those types of ads. For example, if you are running a membership site with Paid Members Pro, you can use Easy Adsense and automatically hide the ads from your paid members. This advertising plugin also works with other forms of advertising as well (like the upcoming Gate 90 Ads), so you don’t have to use Google Adsense to use it either.

In fact a search for “ads” (without the quotation marks) at the Plugin Directory revealed over one thousand different plugins focused on ads in one form or another. I’m certain that anyone who currently uses the Google AdSense plugin on their powered website can easily find another one that will work just as well, and still be supported well.

That’s all  I’ve got to say on this topic, so take care! 😉


2 thoughts on “Google may no longer support it’s WordPress AdSense plugin…

  1. It is amazing, that Google deprecates the plugin just a few years after the first release. Generally I try to work with different ad networks and not just AdSense, so I am used to manage my ads with an ad plugin which provides more features. I can recommend Advanced Ads ( as an alternative for the Google publisher plugin.

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