Purchased the plugins for Gate 90 Jobs

Today, I purchased the premium plugins for the future Gate 90 Jobs website. These plugins will enable the following features:

  • adding job openings to favorites
  • application profiles
  • paying via Paypal for premium features
  • advertising inserts

I decided to buy them today as they were only US$30, and I’ll be paying off an additional three hundred dollars next Monday when I get my tax refund back from the government. It also reduces the items I need to purchase in January, and I may continue to purchase other scripts that the company needs as I have the money for them if it will help out in the long run.

That’s all I’ve got to let you guys and gals know today (I may work on my fanfiction tomorrow, considering starting a HP/PJO story with Harry being a grandson of Triton…) so take care until next time! 😉