Personal Opinions

Why I Love Minecraft

As you know, I enjoy playing the game Minecraft. It’s one of the few games that I’ve constantly played since buying a license for it. I truely love playing this game, and there is a good reason behind this and I’d like to explain the reason why.

Minecraft is a game that lets me tap into my creative side, and I’m not restricted in what I can build. When I was younger, I played with modelling clay and Legos and still enjoy working with clay today (even though I don’t have a proper area to work on it yet). I enjoyed the ability to let my mind wander and come up with fun ideas – whether it was an idea for a game or some new design of vehicle or house, it was fun for me to do.

Minecraft has very few restrictions in how you play the game, which allows me to build to my heart’s content. There is even a difficulty in Survival Mode in which I can craft stuff without fear of monsters if I don’t want instant access to all of the blocks while playing, and that alone is awesome.

I even enjoy watching tutorials on YouTube (K1 Inc is an awesome channel – check it out!) and seeing images of builds on Reddit and Imgur. Seeing what others have come up with or how they use Redstone to power their builds inspires me, and also helps me with my game.

I look forward to getting a version of the game for my PlayStation 3 tomorrow, and need to get ready to go visit with my parents this afternoon so take care! 😉