I am trying to decide…

I’m trying to decide what the main focus of Gate 90 is. Is it:

  • A social network
  • A marketplace
  • A search engine
  • A job board
  • Something else?

I know that synonyms of gate are portal and entry, so that does help a bit. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or use the Contact page to send me an email with your thoughts on this.


Most of my business’s sites are going to be…

Most of my business’s sites are going to be subdomains of, which will be the main site and a social marketplace (won’t be part of the company launch however). Search, jobs, forums, fanfiction, and ads will be the different subdomains and their names – Gate 90 Search, Gate 90 Jobs, Gate 90 Forums, Gate 90 Fanfiction, and Gate 90 Ads instead of the names and domains I’ve been using previously. Any domains I registered for the subdomains I just listed I will be letting expire when they come up for renewal including and

However my blog and one other site will still have separate domains for a similar reason. Both sites would not work well as a subdomain of I’m too used to from when my blog was self-hosted and am looking forward to returning to that, and the other site I want to separate from the others due to the content I have planned for it.

Speaking of my company’s planned fanfiction site, it will be free to use and will be ad-free, though donations will be accepted via Paypal and Bitpay (if the latter has a donate button I can set up) for the cost of maintaining the site.

I’m posting this in advance (thanks WordPress for scheduling of posts 😉 ), so take care as I gotta run! 😉

Fanfiction and Writing

I just posted the first chapter…

I just posted the first chapter of my Harry Potter fanfic to the Harry Potter Fanfic Archive. If you are over the age of eighteen or consent in your country, you can read it here. I am saying over that age because there will be adult content in my story in the future.

Just because people don’t like adult content, doesn’t mean that it will go away. Plus I try to write as realistic as I can (with modifications for said fanfic universe), and it’s unrealisitic to expect no adult situations to show up in a magical boarding school with few adults to supervise so many children.

One final note: Don’t expect regular updates from me (at least for now). I do have a job to work which drains me and I only write when I am in the mood to do so (usually on my days off or when I have an evening shift at work) and even then, I don’t write that fast.

Going to go have some supper and put another eye drop in (got to do it 4 times a day for a week), so take care and sorry for posting so late! 😉

Fanfiction and Writing

I’ve started writing my first Harry Potter fanfiction story…

I’ve started writing my first Harry Potter fanfiction story called “Hadrian James Pendragon-Slytherin: Heir of Arthur”. I should have the first chapter ready to post in a couple of days at HP Fanfic Archive. I will be posting my stories there until I can get Unlimited Fan Fiction back up and running properly.

This story will feature the Potter family as the hidden descendants of King Arthur Pendragon, and Harry will be more knowledgeable about the magical world and his place in it when he goes to Hogwarts. I will not reveal which house I have chosen to sort Harry into, or other details at this time.

Looking forward to writing this story, so take care! 😉


I switched the script that…

Yesterday, I changed my mind about which script will be powering Sociable Advertising as the original script would not have done what I wanted to do. The first option appears to no longer be in business (at least they don’t respond to Twitter or emails quickly), so I found a better option, XYZ Admarket. It is more expensive, but at the same time has features that I like.

XYZ Admarket also has add-ons that I will purchase in the future after the company is making money. These add-ons will add more useful features to the site, and I will announce each one as I buy and add them to Sociable Advertising.

On a related note, I have purchased the script for and have downloaded it to my external hard drive. When I am ready to install it, I am one step closer to launching the web’s newest search engine. I know that in the future I will need to hire web programmers to expand the capabilities of the script, but it will work until my company can afford to do that and has some place for them to work.

Now I need to focus on the rest of my day and my evening shift at work, so take care! 😉


I’m looking to launch…

I’m looking to launch my new business next January via my savings (I’m going to place any tax refund I get into it) and my credit card. The more I can save up by then, the less I will have to put on my credit card.

I will not be launching the social marketplace Gate 90 then, but my advertising solution, Sociable Advertising, and my new search engine, (I will also be moving The WhiteEagle’s Aerie back to a self-hosted WordPress install and the old domain then as well.) I just bought the domain for it yesterday for a five-year term as well as the software I’ll need to run it. All that will be on Gate 90 will be a home page with links to the two other sites and a message stating that Gate 90 is returning soon as a social marketplace.

Gate 90 will be the first site to run WordPress of the four sites I have planned. Sociable Advertising will be run off of OIO Publisher, where as will be using a script I found on CodeCanyon. CodeCanyon was the best offer I could find for a low price, while having decent capabilities.

Now I’m off to do some more reading and relaxing today and tomorrow, as I’m off work until Friday evening. Take care all! 😉

Personal News

I’ve got a loose stitch…

I have a loose stitch in my right eye, and the earliest I am expecting to go to Edmonton to see the specialist to get it removed is Tuesday. Until then, I will have to put up with the feeling of it in my eye, especially when I work this afternoon and evening and tomorrow morning and afternoon. At least the weather isn’t storming and the wind isn’t that bad, so I don’t have to worry about stuff blowing into it and making the situation worse.

I’ll let you all know how my emergency appointment goes after I get home that day. Until then, stay safe and warm! 😉


Steven Spielberg on Technology

Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone.
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It’s nice to have a day off work…

It’s nice to have a day off work when I don’t have to rush about trying to get stuff done in a hurry. Today I can just relax and work at my own pace on my own projects. I’m planning on playing some Sims 3 on my Playstation 3 later while my roommate is at… Continue reading It’s nice to have a day off work…

Personal News

I’m addicted to The Sims 3

I am willing to admit that I am addicted to playing The Sims 3. I spent over eight hours yesterday playing the game, as well as another hour and a half this morning. Compared to the original game for the computer, this version for the PlayStation 3 is more fun and challenging.

Got to leave for work now so take care until the next time I post here. 😉

Personal News

Writing non-fiction isn’t my strong suite…

Writing non-fiction is not my strong suite, I have come to realize that. I love my facts, logic, and philosophy, but I am having a problem writing a book about the three that isn’t fictional. Maybe I should try to create a fictional story where I can weave these three elements into, or work on one of my fanfiction ideas and integrate these elements into the plot of the story.

Whatever the case, I will likely never publish “Reasonable Philosophy” as I cannot get my mind to focus on writing something that does not have a sense of adventure and/or romance to it. Being a romantic at heart makes it hard to write non-fiction for me it seems, but I will never want to give that part of me up.

Personal News

I’ve got one goal this year…

I have got one goal to accomplish this year: pay off my credit card debt. I’m hoping to have it done in about ten or eleven months, paying about $450 a month onto it. If I can get that done, I can then redirect most of that money into savings and start saving up faster the necessary money to launch my own company in January 2019 (instead of just $10/paycheck as I’m currently doing).

I hope all of you have a great new year in 2017, and I’m looking forward to posting on this blog during the year ahead. I know there will be challenges to face and overcome in the new year, and I look forward to doing so.

Have a Happy New Year!