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My future company’s focus has shifted…

My future company’s focus has shifted away from food and cooking to gaming. This is due to the fact that I want to be able to love running the company and if I focus it around a topic that I love (gaming), I will enjoy it a lot more than around a topic that I just like (food and cooking).

It didn’t reduce the cost much to startup the company and the website, so I will still be starting it up near the end of January and will aim for a launch around the middle of February, hopefully before Valentine’s Day. I have decided to use Stripe for the payment provider for the WooCommerce-powered shop in the main site, and Paypal for the advertising site, as all ads (and website content) will be family-friendly to be allowed. Stripe requires an SSL certificate, but I will be able to get that from JaguarPC, where I will be hosting the main site.

Later I will be using MCProHosting to host a Minecraft server, and thanks to a plugin for WooCommerce and Bukkit, I can sell ranks and other Minecraft stuff (with certain limitations according to the EULA for Minecraft) and have it automatically update the server. The server will also be running Pixelmon and Pam’s Harvestcraft for whatever version is available after I build my new gaming PC, which is when I’ll launch the Minecraft server. I am undecided whether or not it will be a whitelisted-server or public at this time, and may ask for opinions from my site’s members to decide this before launching the server.

Leave a comment with what you think about this and/or about this change in focus for my company. Let me know what you think, as I’m always grateful to read what my readers have to say in reply to my posts here on my blog.