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I’m glad I decided to raise my savings target…

I’m glad I decided to raise my savings target for Sociable Chefs Media Inc, as a city license for a home business is one hundred eighty dollars ($180). I also have to get written permission from my landlord, but I don’t see any problems with that as it is a pure online business. Of course, I have to incorporate the company as well provincially (cheaper than federally) but I had already budgeted for that.

When you add in the plugins that I have found which help WooCommerce integrate into BuddyPress easily, the cost climbs higher. Naturally I’m planning to ensure that Sociable Chefs will be a website worth being a member of, and if I am properly licensed I can advertise offline without worries. All in all, I’m glad to have set the savings target higher than I originally planned for and am glad I can start putting my apartment-mate’s rent and utilities share towards it starting with his next payment.