Instead of relaunching Believe Beloved…

Instead of relaunching Believe Beloved with my roommate, we will be launching a social network centered around food and cooking called Sociable Chefs. It’s a smart decision, as it will be less of a target for those who don’t like religion and/or Christianity, but it doesn’t mean that we do not plan to have Christian influences in the site and the running of it and our company. The company will cost us about $1200 Canadian to launch (this includes things like getting a press release written and released, design of a logo, and the site’s software), but that doesn’t include the cost of hosting.

We both are looking forward to when we can launch this new social network for those who enjoy food and/or cooking. Watch my blog here for future announcements, and if you want to see it come sooner, consider donating via Paypal or Changetip (links are in the sidebar).