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I should receive the Raspberry Pi…

I should receive my Raspberry Pi kit by the sixth. Hopefully, I will receive the email with the tracking information for Canada Post tomorrow if that is the case. I am looking forward to having my own computer to work on, and the privacy it will afford me. I am planning on moving my external 2 TB hard drive to the new computer, as I am going to ensure that all my files that I need are on it – financial documents, photos, music, etc.

The only reason I will have for returning to use this PC is either to record some audio or do some other task that the Raspberry Pi is not able to perform. However, I will not be playing any more games on this PC and will in general not play PC games until I build my new gaming PC after I launch my company in 2019.

Now I need to hurry off and get ready for work, so until the next time I post, take care!😀

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Today is the last day…

Today is the last day in this year’s Movember donation campaign, and I need your help to reach my target. The money is used for research into improving men’s health, both physically and mentally. It funds research into testicular and prostate cancers, as well as men’s mental health. Don’t forget that on average each day in Canada eight men take their lives, and during their lifetime, one in ten men will have a severe case of depression. So please, donate today to help those men that need the help for their health!

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I’d Like to See

I would like to see developed an open-source alternative to Adobe’s Flash Player. The main reason is because Adobe chose to no longer update the Linux version of the Flash Player, and much content on the web relies on the Flash Player. Another reason is that I prefer open-source software on my computer rather than closed-source.

I figure it could be reverse-engineered to be compatible with Adobe’s version, and if I had a company with programmers on staff, I’d assign this as a project to them and then offer the resulting software free to the community. Unfortunately this is not the case so I am posting this today hoping that someone in the community who knows a lot more about programming than I would be willing to spearhead such an endeavor.

I need to let my roommate use the computer for a few minutes, so I’ll wish you all a good day, and if you watching the 2016 Grey Cup today, enjoy the game! Go Calgary!😉

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Purchased the Raspberry Pi 3 Kit Today

I purchased the Raspberry Pi 3 Kit and a 19″ TV to act as the monitor for it today from and I got my Associate Discount on both items as well as free shipping. I can expect the TV first around November 30th, and then the kit around December 6th.

Today, I am planning to do some reading and start work on a non-fiction book I will be calling “Reasonable Philosophy”. It will be in the format of a teacher and two students discussing various topics, but the teacher and students will be made up although what they are discussing will be truthful and serious. I am planning on selling the book through and then later through my company’s marketplaces on the social networks it will be running.

Now I need to go have some brunch and get started on the rest of my day, so take care!😉

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I have decided to not self-host…

I have decided to not self-host my blog, but to wait to transfer it until I get my company up and running. I will then host it on my company’s rented server and pay $10/month so that I don’t have to use company advertising on it, but be able to advertise my way. This will… Continue reading I have decided to not self-host…

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Two to three weeks…

It is two to three weeks until I have my new Raspberry Pi PC up and running here. That time includes waiting for the credit card payment to go through, and the shipping to my apartment from the Wal-Mart warehouse that my online order will be shipped from. I’m looking forward to having a computer that I won’t have to share, and will be secure when I’m not around it for my sensitive files. (The one thing I can’t figure out how to do on Linux is create a password protected encrypted hidden drive. I’m a bit paranoid about security, especially when I’m working on projects.)

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft differs from the normal PC version, as well as learning how to program using Scratch, Python, and BASIC. I may also work on brushing up my PHP and HTML skills, so that I can help create plugins for my future company’s websites.

Gotta take off now, as I got a lot of stuff to do today as it’s a day off work!😉

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I will be eventually hosting my blog…

I will be eventually hosting my blog on my own web server powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 3 TB external USB hard drive for the storage. Doing so will allow me full control over the look and content of my blog including advertising (which is limited on I will also be setting up a second Raspberry Pi as my secondary computer (mostly for web browsing, but I will also be trying out Minecraft Pi Edition on it) in my bedroom, where I think I will be housing the first one as well.

I had considered using a Raspberry Pi as my web host for my business, but discarded it for two reasons – cost and the fact I need to start two websites when I launch my new business venture. Sociable Gamers Media Inc. would not be as profitable as I think it will be if I had to use an outside advertising agency to show ads to guests and free members, which is what I want to cut out. No middle man for ads means more profits for my company in the long run, and more control over what ads are run to keep Sociable Gamers a family-friendly community.

I need to get ready for work today, so take care until the next time I post!😉

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Over halfway through Movember…

We are past the halfway mark in Movember, yet my goal of raising $250 for the Movember Foundation is still 90% unfulfilled. Please support men’s health, both physical and mental by donating here. Help for men’s mental health is especially needed, as every day on average eight men commit suicide, and that 1 in 10 men experience a bout of severe depression in their lives.

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I just donated $25 to support men’s health…

I just donated $25 to support men’s health by supporting my donation drive for the Movember Foundation this month. I’m now one-tenth of the way to my goal of $250 this month, can you help me reach my goal by the end of the month by donating as well?


I lost all my stuff when I fell into the lava…

I lost all my stuff when I fell into the the lava in the Nether while building a bridge there so that I could head towards the location of a Nether Fortress. Not too happy with losing all my stuff (including a diamond pickax), I decided to delete my game. I’m not going to play Minecraft for a few days, but I may play some more of my OpenTTD game when I’m not working, traveling, reading, or sleeping when I can access the computer.